Contracts & Incentives

Volume Placement

TF1 utilizes Volume Placement Cost Reductions to clients who require a larger contingent of contract employees,. This is designed to lower costs to the client as the volume of TF1 employees increase. TF1 offers additional savings to clients - as the volume of employees grows, our profit margin for each employee actually decreases. This accommodation is offered to our clients without any compromise of our commitment to TQM principals.

Corporate Alliance Approach

TF1 has established incentive/fixed fee contracts to implement a Corporate Alliance Approach to support task specific projects. An Alliance of this nature elevates our client interface by integrating the personnel from both firms into a small composite team. This team can then direct its entire effort toward effectively planning and executing the client’s objectives into an effective action plan. Our level of support can vary from one to several consultants depending on the particular needs of the client. The Corporate Alliance Approach enables TF1 and the client to establish a fixed fee and timeframe to accomplish a specific project; thus, reducing exposure to cost overruns.


TF1 uses incentive based contract initiatives and Total Quality Management (TQM) principals to maximize cost efficiency for our clients. Whether the need involves engineering, construction, project control or administration services, we serve as a single source firm by providing contract employees under a flexible, cost-effective contract arrangement specifically tailored to support our client’s objective. Some of our services and incentives include:

  • Volume Placement Cost Reductions
  • Minimum Overhead Billing Principals
  • Firm Price, Daily or Hourly Rates
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Employee Leasing
  • Corporate Alliance Program

Our Mission Statement is to maintain a highly experienced and productive contract service business with a streamlined operation that enables us to offer very competitive billing rates for contract employees. We employ innovative techniques that enable us to maintain contracts with a very sharp and precise consultant selection process. Please contact us to learn more about the specific reductions.