Cost & Scheduling

TF1has extensive experience in all facets of Project Control across a wide range of industrial, commercial, environmental and power generation projects.. We utilize PC-Based computerized CPM scheduling software to build baseline “Target” schedules with SOLID activity sequencing logic. This sound Target schedule enables our Team to accurately track progress and productivity from project inception through the construction period.

Target Schedule

  • Pre-planning is the essential component in development of an air-tight, logically tied baseline “Target” schedule. Our team starts with a review of the plans and specifications with the project team to build an integrated, manpower levelized Target schedule. Each activity is manpower or cost loaded for budgetary and productivity tracking purposes. Once established, this schedule remains static as a benchmark against which progress is measured.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • In conjunction with the pre-planning process, our team develops a WBS to organize the major elements of work into manageable units. Each activity in the schedule is coded to its applicable WBS for reporting purposes.

Progress Tracking – “Earned Value”

  • From the Target schedule, TF1 creates a separate “active schedule” for tracking work progress and productivity against the Target schedule. Earned Value is used to measure performance (actual expenditures versus planned budgets ) against the Target plan. This process, based on quantitative measurement, provides managers with the unique advantage of identifying problem areas at the inception stages to implement corrective action at the earliest possible stage to mitigate schedule impacts.

Contingency Planning & Claims

  • TF1 has developed contingency plans when necessary to streamline the work sequence to recover lost schedule time. TF1 has successfully performed time delay studies together with enforcement of specific contractual terms and conditions to prepare and defend various types of third party claims.